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School & Group Tours at Evergreen Tree Farm

 Christmas Tree at Evergreen Tree Farm

Christmas Tree at Evergreen Tree Farm

Each year Evergreen Tree Farm encourages area schools to bring their students for a visit. Students, teachers, and adults learn how and why we raise Christmas Trees at Evergreen.

We teach the children about renewable natural resources and the difference between, evergreen, deciduous, and conifer trees.

We also explore the different types of trees raised at Evergreen and how maps help us direct people around the farm during the Christmas season.

As we travel around the farm, everyone gets to see, touch, and smell the different trees, examine the different types of wildlife we encounter, and learn the economic and ecological importance of our trees.

Everyone gets to see how some trees are made into wreaths, roping, garland or other holiday decorations.

At the end of the session the group gets to choose a tree that we cut, shake, and wrap so everyone can see what’s involved when buying a live Christmas Tree.

The tour and lesson costs $2.00 per child.

Packing up the Tree

Packing up the Tree

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